Los Angeles City Hall

Los Angeles goes by the moniker the City Of Angels and it is but that’s only one side of it. The people of Los Angeles are as varied as the city itself yes there is amazing people as well as bad; Los Angeles is a city of contrasts from the poor of LA’s skid row to the incredible wealth of other parts of the city.

The city is a melting pot of numerous cultures and people from around the world that bring their food cultures and traditions to the city. Los Angeles is so much more than the City Of Los Angeles itself its also the various cities of Los Angeles County that help define Los Angeles.

People might move here because of the amazing weather or beauty but stay here to work hard in a city which at times isn’t for the weak it can be tough even in the beautiful sunlight.

I have lived in Southern California from the mid eighties and yes i have seen it change sometimes for the worst sometimes for the best. Yes i was here during the Rodney King, LA Riots and numerous earthquakes, mud slides and brush fires. I have even survived the Storm Watch television coverage every time we get a few drops of rain; If you are not from Los Angeles you might not get that reference oh well.

This website doesn’t have a huge newsroom its me and some contributors so I’m not going to be covering crime or traffic but that’s already well covered. Instead i will be covering events, things to do and happenings going on around Los Angeles, let the story begin.

Thank You,

Paul Anstey

Owner & Editor LA Insider Now.com