Mean Girls Coming To The Pantages

January 2nd 2023: The Broadway musical Mean Girls is coming to the legendary Pantages Theatre in Hollywood. The show opens this Wednesday January 4th with tickets starting at $39 plus all the usual pesky fees. The show has been getting good reviews especially with its wicked sense of humor.

The story is about Cady Heron who grew up in the African savanna and then moves to her new home in suburban Illinois where she has to adapt to her new life. She is naive and soon falls victim to a trio of girls lead by Regina George. Cady Heron hatches a plan to bring down Regina George’s reign.

Mean Girls At The Hollywood Pantages Trailer

Courtesy Of Broadway In Hollywood


The show starts this Wednesday January 4th and runs through January 29th.


Hollywood Pantages Theater at 6233 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90028 (323) 468-1770


Tickets start at $39 plus all the pesky fees

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